Carlos "Los-1" Ramirez II has worked to help schools, churches, community groups  and even the US military spread the message of developing healthy relationships, how and why we need boundaries and protecting those we love.  Much of today's pop culture promotes using others, masking one's pain with vices and living like there's no tomorrow.  Carlos raps of a way to live that encourages real happiness.  He uses rap with clean and respectful language to let out fears and show leadership.  Even giving students the chance to show leadership skills among peer groups.  Developing an afterschool Rap Club, Fishing Club, Automotive Club, Video Game Club and Newspaper Club for students to bond to their school environments, lowering drop out mentality among students and giving them a reason to like being in school.  "If you give a child a few things they enjoy during the school day, they learn to participate more during core subjects.  It's working as a team through an 8 hour day."

Los has presented multi-session, in-school youth programs for several years, and is certified in several Sexual Risk Avoidance curricula, as well as the 40 Assets.  He particularly enjoys teaching the REAL Essentials curriculum.

"Each of us has been given a gift, a talent, an ability that is unique. The gift is yours to share and to help others, that's a calling for everyone,  including performers.  The gift is yours to encourage individuals and people groups into a more civil state of mind.  It starts at home.  When parents do that for their children the children grow to be better equiped to handle lifes preasures and deal with the preasures more intellegently.  No two people are the same, we are all made differently from the next.  So we should find common ground with those differences and learn to advance our societies by encouraging the measurment of new ideas, continuing the use of older/successful ideas and giving newcomers opportunities to prove themselves.  That's fair.  That's real life, deep down inside of all of us, we want that; the challenge is finding individual fairness.  -Carlos "Los-1" Ramirez II


You can contact Los via email for bookings at contact@los1.com

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